Good luck on Finals. And start thinking about joining a student group. Really!

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Friends at a Garden Party. Via Canadian Film Centre on Flickr.

Do you have time to join a student group?

Okay, I know. It's finals week. But those nontraditional students who intend to take a summer class or two, OR return in the Fall may want to think about joining or starting a student group next year.

There are usually many kinds of student groups to join if you are on campus. There are also groups you can join OFF campus or online.

I have some of my groups listed below. Groups at colleges, universities, trade schools, and other campuses include service groups, Sororities and Fraternities, Green groups, and lots more.

Many are now admitting nontraditional students like never before. Another added benefit to joining groups while you are in school is the Networking Factor, especially if you are in a club in our major, a business group, or a networking group.

If in doubt, look up the contact information and ask one of the leaders of each group you want to join. You can also contact the Student Services at your school. You can join one group to see what it is like. You can also join more than one group, depending on how much time you can spare.

Being in a group can add a dimension of richness and even friendship to your educational experience.

Oh - and good luck on finals!!

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