Your College Backpack - What is in it?

Backpack and cat by Katy Brady on Flickr.

I was inspired to write this posting by a recent Squidoo lens called Essential Items for Your College Backpack by kburns421 on Squidoo.

She lists many things to carry in your backpack, including a computer if your teacher allows one in class.

She also suggests carrying personal items, books, snacks, and more.

I think her list is great.

My favorites she mentions are a thumb drive, tissues, phone, credit card, cash, keys, and ID, which she lists first.

I would also bring a notebook with PLENTY of paper in it. There were many times that other students would forget their paper, and I would be able to share too.

I loved the campus map idea on her page too.

I used to bring many of the things on her list. It was easy for me to remember to bring some of these things in my backpack sometimes because when I was a nontraditional student, I used to stash my purse inside my backpack.

Talking about backpacks, I noticed that some other nontraditional  students had rolling backpacks. I bet these helped their backs! I had a traditional backpack with nice padded straps, which also helped.

Back to items to put in a backpack, I would add a small portable Calendar to my required backpack items, too.

What is YOUR must-haves for your backpack? Leave a comment and share them!

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