Today's Nontrads pay too much to go back to school - some thoughts...

Hello, nontraditional students and those who help them. 

I am downtown today at the Pots Place today in beautiful Bowling Green Kentucky. I ran across a newspaper article yesterday. Another Kentucky University is raising its tuition prices, because they are facing a shortfall in State funding.

Is this happening at your school? I hope not, but it could very well be happening all over. And we may also have a hike in interest rates for those going back to school too.

I wish it weren't happening.

For some, going to a less expensive school or a community college can be an answer. For others, getting a loan via the regular avenues (Stafford, etc.) will be the answer.

It's just not feasible for many students to just say, "Oh, well... I guess I'd better wait to go back to school..." because they may NEED the extra training to get a good job.

Yes, it's easy to be pessimistic about going back to school right now. But many people are taking the chance and doing it anyway.

My advice? Be careful. Make sure all your credits transfer if you are going to try a for-profit school or a community college even, or if you are taking an online class. Make sure that the job outlook is good for what you want to learn. And remember that you will be needing to pay your student loan off when you are out of school.

I would love it if we could all go back to school and have it be low-cost, or even free. Maybe some day this will happen. After all, it's good for the country to have well-educated citizens.

What are YOUR plans? Are you in school already?

Share your thoughts about today's school costs below as a comment.


Former Nontrad Student (who took Education classes at WKU)
and Current Nontrad Student (taking pottery classes at The Pots Place)

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