Are you ready to go back to school?

Here are some home study and prep ideas for New Nontraditional Students.
Before going back to school, check with an advisor there, and go talk to him or her. Some schools have back to school programs for new students. They may also have testing to place you at your correct level for certain classes like English or Math.

If you can plan ahead at least a half a year, you can take online quizzes or tests and get your skills back too.

One or two study helps are buying a study book with CD, such as a Peterson's or Kaplan study guide. Here are some examples:

You may also want to brush up on your computer and typing skills.  Peter's Online Typing course is a good site for brushing up on your typing.

And some good and free computer courses are listed on my Betsyanne For Seniors page.

Remember to give yourself a pep talk too! It can help you go ahead with your plans.  Good luck in going back to school.

And here is the official FAFSA page for when you decide to see how much loan, grant, or scholarship money you qualify for.

All for now,