Do you use professor-rating sites? Do you like them?

  The Tennessean newspaper recently did a story about a popular professor-rating site,

Here is the beginning quote: "Students take professor-rating website seriously. And so do the teachers."

Here is that article: Professor-rating website tells the good and the bad: reviews appear honest, but are they fair? by Tony Gonzalez.

Have you used a ratings site to check out your professors? I have. I used to like a site called PickAProf. This site is now morphed into MyEdu, which I don't like as much. But I gave it another try.

First, I tried the RateMyProfessors site to find a certain WKU professor, who was not listed there. So I went back to the MyEdu site to see if I could find her.

First, I needed to sign up again. So I did, and clicked to another blank page.

I went over to the signin page and could not access the site. So I requested my password and waited. I got the reset sent to my email and I was in.

The site is fairly easy to use and I DID find the professor I was looking for. Success!

Let me know how you like these two sites. Which is your favorite? Or do you have another? List it as a comment if you do.

Former Nontraditional Student