Just curious... do you keep your books?

I have been curious about this for awhile. 

Do you keep your books after you complete a class?

This photo is by Mr. Thomas on Flickr.

I know of people who always sell their books. I guess I think I may need my books someday, so I keep them. I guess I am thinking if I win the lottery or get a scholarship, I may want to take more advanced classes, go for my Master's or Doctorate someday?

I may be keeping my books for sentimental reasons, to remember my classes and teachers, or how it felt to be a nontraditional student going back to school after a break.

I did finally get rid of some old school books that I knew would never be used again last year. I felt good about that. But so far, I haven't felt the need to get rid of the newer ones.

What do you think? Should people keep their class books?

Former Nontraditional Student

Another thought: Even though some people get their books online or rent them nowadays, I like the feeling of a real book in my hands, so even if they were expensive (which they are) I think as long as there is an option of getting the book, I will. What do you think?