5 Fun Products for Nontraditional Students

5 cool things for Nontraditional Students to check out
Now is the time for after-Christmas Sales. You may find these products anywhere on sale, or you can buy them on Amazon or Ebay.

For some (insert: me here) this is just a dream list. Especially for the phone electronics. But for others, they just might help make life easier.

These are also ideas for gifts for that deserving nontraditional student.

If you can, now is the time to treat yourself or that nontraditional friend or family member now that after-Christmas sales are happening.

I have some examples of each with the suggestion from Amazon.

You can also go to Ebay and find some really good deals on used items (as you can on Amazon too.) SquareTrade can give you a warranty on many of these, and the price is low.

1. A  digital recorder. I own two RCA digital recorders. That is the same kind in the picture. I got them for ESL tutoring. I haven't used them yet, but the price was right and the size is small and very portable. I looked up prices before I bought it. This one is really reasonable and does the very same things that the more expensive models do.

A digital recorder is perfect for recording lectures. You can take these home and re-listen to them in your spare time. You can also type them up to use as study notes. It is a handy tool. Here that is:

2. A rolling (or regular) backpack - great for carrying books, lunches, and much more. This example has a special compartment for your computer. I did not use a rolling backpack when I was a nontraditional student, I used a regular one. But these look very handy. I saw at least five other nontraditional students use them at WKU when I was a teacher ed student.

3. An iPhone, iPad, or iPod. These portable goodies can make your life simpler and help with scheduling.

4. And a new computer wouldn't hurt. When I was going back to school, I often used the computers at school. But sometimes the computer labs were crowded. I brought my computer to school sometimes, but mostly used my computer at home. That's where a portable laptop can be such a good choice for nontraditional students.

I prefer Macs, but you can find good deals on other PC's too.
This is a refurbished Apple laptop that would be perfect for writing papers. It is on sale for a really good price on Amazon.

5. Some GRE helps and study books can come in useful if you take this test for graduate school. I used the general book (earlier version). I probably also should have used the special Math program too for review. Math has always been my hardest subject. When I took a remedial math class in college, I really liked it and got a B in it.

The teacher went back to the explanation of each math method - - and I finally understood it a lot better. Here are some suggestions for popular and useful help. I like it that the first one offers a CD in it. You can also find Kindle downloadable versions of these.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season.


Nontraditionally yours,
E. Sheppard / Betsyanne

Remember: You CAN do it!

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