I changed my title today. I like it! Plus some other NT links...

Dear nontraditional students and fans,

I changed my blog name today; just a little. I added my name, Betsyanne, to it.

So now this blog is The Betsyanne Nontraditional Student Blog. The main reason I did this change is because there are SO many other nontrad blogs now, it's easy to mistake it.

Plus I sign my blog "Betsyanne" anyhow, so it really goes with it. That and adding "Betsyanne" to the title logo, it's official.

Talking about other blogs, these  current blogs are closest to my OLD name:

Older Non-Trad Student (by Zickbee)
Non-Traditional Students (by Linda S. Pogue)

Anyway, I think this is an improvement in this blog.

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. For those new students out there, how is it going? Has school started yet?

All for now,

Former Nontraditional Student

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