Grandpa gets a webcam - shades of some Nontrads?

 Be truthful. Have you ever seen a nontraditional student who didn't know how to operate a computer?

These oldsters don't know that they are being recorded. This YouTube video has now gone viral, and has been shown on the Today Show and also Good Morning America.

I think you'll find it cute. I liked it.

Back to talking about nontrads though. I had a couple of nontraditional students in my speech class who seriously did not know how to access the class blackboard files online. This really became a problem further along in the class. We all tried to help, but they probably thought they could figure it out themselves. Anyway, they missed an online assignment and that hurt.

So what did I learn from their problem? Maybe to advise some nontraditional students to brush up on computer skills. And maybe some nontraditional student groups need to ask about having a refresher course available at their school to access coursework and learn how to access blackboard and other school sites.

I would time this for before school starts.

Just saying.

Hope you like the funny video.

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