Recent postings from other nontraditional student blogs

Do these postings strike a chord with other nontrads? I think yes.
They are really helping other nontraditional students. Go, nontrad bloggers!
These bloggers (below) are nontraditional students who are sharing their nontrad journeys. Some of these postings are funny, some make me think of when I was a nontraditional student years ago.
You'll be 65 Either Way - about why a husband is going back to school (from Deb's Continuing Education Blog)

One of Those Weeks - from Going the Distance... Three Credits at a Time - life CAN be tough, especially when you are taking challenging courses...

The blogger at Rantings of a Middle-Aged College Student, Brandywine, is getting ready for mid-terms. What, already?? Time is surely flying.

Zickbee at her blog Older Nontrad Student, is trying to find a topic and sources for a research paper. I can relate to this posting a lot.

I have been told that just knowing other people are out there shlogging away and going for their dreams is so inspirational to others. So these bloggers are really helping other nontraditional students by their writing.

Also, some people don't have nontrad groups at their schools, and have so much going on it's hard to meet others. But they can relate to others in their situation by reading some nontrad blogs.

On another subject, are you thinking of going back to school? It's a choice many people are making!

Nontraditionally Yours,
A former nontraditional student at WKU

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