Every day isn't perfect for nontrads... plus some motivational quotes

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I love to read motivational quotes, because sometimes I don't feel really motivated. I can run into problems, and even though I know they are probably temporary, the more I think about them, the bigger they seem.

When I was a nontraditional student, sometimes I would be faced with being tired, not seeming to have time to do everything, fear that maybe I wasn't doing well enough in a hard class, and the feeling of not quite fitting in to class because of my age.

It all depended on the day and my mood.

Other times I felt as if I didn't know what to say to other students in class. Other days I felt I had talked too much and was alienating people.

In other words, not every day went great when I was going back to school. But somehow I motivated myself to go back every day and go to class.

Just knowing I was making classes (and noticing others had not) made me feel good. That tired headache felt better and I felt like I was making real progress. I could at least compare myself to the people that didn't come to class and missed out on all the important things that I knew would be on the test!

Here are some motivational quotes to help YOU, the nontraditional student, as you wind up a long, hard week. Because you CAN do it, but sometimes it helps to hear some positive messages to help you along your educational journey.

These quotes are from some websites I have used before on the Nontrad Twitter siteThe Quotations Page (Q) and ThinkExist.com. (TE)

#1.  "Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul." - Gen. Douglas MacArthur (TE)

#2. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.” - Og Mandino (TE)

#3. Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you. - Ralph Waldo Emerson (TE)

#4. "The aim of life is self-development. To realize one's nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for." - Oscar Wilde (Q)

#5. "Know how to listen, and you will profit even from those who talk badly." -Plutarch

#6.  "If I had my life to live over... I'd dare to make more mistakes next time." - Nadine Stair

And here is another inspirational site you may like. It's my Autumn Inspiration Page on Squidoo.
Let me know what you think.

What things do YOU find inspiring and help you keep focused? List them after here in a comment.

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