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Nontrad websites, links, and blogs. (Part 1)

Hi all fellow nontraditional students  and the people who help them! You may be taking or teaching online classes, OR face-to-face ones.

Here are some neat sites and blogs written by nontraditional students. They are going back to school after a break.

When you have time between work and/or classes, give these sites a look.

 My Life as a Mature Age Student - Caz from Australia calls this blog "The ramblings of a wife, mother, student!!!". I like the setup of the background on this blog too. It is set up like a library, with pictures of books. She has a SH (Supportive Husband) and a TD (Teenage Daughter). Don't you love those abbreviations?

Questions and Answers for Non-Traditional Students - This is Linda Pogue's blog. She is faculty at a college, and writes about things like how to make better grades in college, advice for nontraditional students, and more. I just recently found this blog, and really like it.

Rantings of a Middle-Aged College Student - Brandywine is a Missouri student who is "a Heirloom gardener, chocoholic, bookworm. Full-time employee, full-time student. History major with a Spanish minor. I love words, I love history, and I love heirloom tomatoes, not necessarily in that order. I enjoy blogging and meeting new people through blogs (and in real life, as well)."

And I must mention one of the first Nontraditional Student subject bloggers I discovered when I started this blog. It is the Deb Peterson's pages. 
Deb has many articles, much research, website links, and more at her pages. She is a fun person to talk to also. I guarantee you will like her.

There are many more good pages and blogs that help nontrads or just talk about what it is like. You can find some on the Nontrad blog. But these people will sure get your started.


-Betsyanne (former Nontrad student and Lifetime Learner.)

Some more Nontrad links for you to try: The Nontrad site and blog Join Nontrads on Facebook Nontrads on Yahoo Nontrads on Twitter
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