Some great nontraditional student Twitters - and how to search for them on Twitter

Are you on Twitter yet? Even if you aren't, it can be fun to search there to find interesting links and sites.

I just went there today (Tuesday) and ran a search for "Nontraditional Students." I found a lot of my own Tweets for nontraditional students. I am @nontrads there and often use the term in my tweets.

But there are also other people who are writing about nontraditional students and putting interesting quotes or site links on for others to check out.

Here are just a few examples:
Nontrad_green2_normal Nontrads Nontraditional students going back to school after a break: how to begin:

J367x800-00282_normal lallenreports RT @CMLIFE Nontraditional students should not be denied housing options

Aatyc_logo_normal AATYC More than 22,000 nontraditional students have applied for Academic Challenge (lottery) scholarship.    

You can try it yourself, too. Just go to the main site,, and put YOUR search terms in the search box on the right side. Then just hit the "more" button on the bottom of the page to find even more results from your search. Happy discovering!


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