Give some other nontraditional students a visit!

Here are five outstanding blogs from fellow nontraditional students.

When you get a moment, drop by and give them some comments and support. You can also share your stories about being a nontraditional student too. If you don't have a group of nontraditional students where you go to school, you can form your own group online by following some great nontraditional student blogs. Then check out their links for even more great nontraditional students you can meet.

Here are just a few of the nontraditional student blogs I have found:

Caz in Australia talks about her assignments, her kids, and how her semester is going. She also thinks about the differences she finds in going back to school as an older vs. younger person.

Here is her About Me description: "A 41 year old mother of three - two teenage daughters (urgh! I love them to death but really, who are these people!) and a ten year old son (please don't become a teenager!); partner to an extremely supportive husband and currently studying for a Bachelor of Communication (majoring in Writing and Film and Screen). I intend to stop using my age as an excuse NOT to do all the things I want to do because, let's face it, life's too short."

You can visit Caz here:

Zickbee describes herself as a "40something student, Mom to three human children and two canine children, Arizona "native", (and) collegiate basketball fan." She is winding up her semester and thinking about getting a Master's next.  You will really like her postings - they are so fun to read.

You can follow her life and conversations here:

College Campus Mama has three blogs! The nontraditional one talks about her classes, her grades, signing up for summer classes, learning Excel and Access, and lots more. Her last entry was about Spring Break. (From her profile) "An african american woman who is a wife, SAHM of 3, WAHM, full time college student and everything else in between. Writing is just an outlet of expression that is easier for me to do other than saying things verbally."

Here is that address:

Rishona N. lives in Clairton Pennsylvania. She "has been maintaining a “virtual presence” on the 'net since 1997. She has an A.S. degree in Electronics Technology from the Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics; a B.A. degree in liberal arts from West Virginia University; and is currently working on her M.B.A. at Florida Gulf Coast University." She is on Twitter  as @Rishonan and also has a site here:

You can sign up for her rss feed and follow her journey anytime.

Brandywine is from Missouri. She is counting the days until summer break arrives. She talks about her classes, what she did during Spring Break, her latest Spanish composition, and more. (From her blog) "Heirloom gardener, chocoholic, bookworm. Full-time employee, full-time student. History major with a Spanish minor. I love words, I love history, and I love heirloom tomatoes, not necessarily in that order. I enjoy blogging and meeting new people through blogs (and in real life, as well)."

Here is her site address:

There are even more great blogs listed at the Nontrad Blog site. Just go to the site, scroll down, and find them on the right side. Happy friending!

Nontraditionally Yours,

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