Five Must-haves for the Nontraditional Student

I have been thinking about a list of must-haves today. Here are  few (and please feel free to add more - we'll make a list!)

#1. A backpack or locker for your books. Do you carry books the old-fashioned way? Consider a smart backpack or case either slung over one or two arms.

#2. An organizer notebook complete with calendar. If you want to get that term paper done in a timely fashion and keep up on class deadlines, you will need this.

#3. A few new clothes for school. Who says you have to be an old dowdy fogie? Check out the stores and at least buy a couple of new things for school if you can.

#4. A good pen, pencils, and paper. Go for a pen that is easy to write with, even if it costs a bit more. And make sure to bring an extra one, too.

#5. A computer - the best you can find. Sure, schools today have computer labs, but you need a good computer at home too, or a portable laptop with case.

Got some more "must-haves"for school? Just leave them in your comment below.

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