Three of the very best sites for continuing education or nontraditional students to check out

Three great sites for nontraditional students, continuing education students, and everyone else...
Part of every other day (at least!) for me is a search for news and neat websites and blogs that feature information for nontraditional students.

I have found many great sites and links during my searches. Today I will share just three that I really like a lot. They have turned out to be so interesting and valuable to me. I started out just wanting information sources for my blog and website.

These three sites have provided me with a lot more than just information. They have provided me with inspiration, stories, and wisdom. They are are great examples of quality writing, humor, and intelligence. 

#1:'s Continuing Education pages: Deb Peterson keeps this site up to date and always has something new to check out. She has many original articles there of all kinds, plus links to other great sites. She is truely an expert about continuing education, and this website shows it.

#2: The I Never Signed Up for This... Confessions of a Cluttered Mind blog: Darryle Pollack has many surprises on this site. I first found it while looking just for nontraditional student information. Since then, I have found that Darryle is an intelligent, complicated mix of interesting opinions, great humor, and lots more.

#3: Adult College Education Information: the Sophie Maddox site: This one is so fun too. Sophie Maddox gives every new reader a FREE ebook to download that is called Get What You Want from Now On. You must sign up for her mailing list. I like this ebook. A heading on the pages says "Learn To Complain Using Simple Mind Tricks That Will Get You What You Want." How can you beat that? I must admit I have not read all her pages (yet!) but how can you beat FREE?

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