Great resources I have found on Twitter

I have found some GREAT resources on Twitter that are VERY helpful for nontraditional students. Here are two of the best Twitter names, blogs, and websites that I have found there. Look for more great Nontrad Twitters on later postings.

1. Continuing_Ed: Deb Peterson has more than one great site to go to for nontrads. Check these sites out: The page about Deb, The Continuing Education Forum, The Lifelong Learners page, and the Teachers Page.
Deb is @Continuing_Ed on Twitter and belongs to the Nontraditional Student Twibe Group.

2. emapey2 (Eduardo Pierano)  has a Ning site just for nontraditional students. It is called Return to College. He also has a Wordpress blog called the OnlineSapiens blog. This blog is about Online Learning and Learning 2.0 in Higher Education. He also has a blog called Return to College.
Emapey2 also is a member of the Nontraditional Student Twibe Group.

It is great to meet both of these people. You will find much useful information on their sites.

If you are on Twitter, you can join the Nontraditional Student Twibe at 

If you are not on Twitter, consider joining. You can find some great websites and new friends there. Just to to and sign up. It's easy to do. If you need some pointers, just leave a message here, and I will get back to you with handy links and tips for getting on Twitter and what to do next.

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