Nontrad groups and pages March 08

Here are some fun pages to explore from different colleges this week.

Nontraditional Student
Information Pages March 08

- Reinhardt College in Waleska, Georgia has a nice web page that welcomes nontraditional students. These kinds of pages are becoming the norm, even in schools that don't have a Nontraditional Student Group yet. Reinhardt's Resource Guide describes a Commuter Lounge and educational workshops, among other links.

Minnesota - Ridgewater College (2 campuses - in Willmar and Hutchinson) has a page that features a "connections" program. This program features networking, seminars, events, and activities for non-traditional students. There are two people listed that students can contact. You can also watch a movie called Nontraditional Careers for women on the page. Links here include Child Care, Housing, and more.

Non-Traditional Student
Groups for March 08

Texas - Sam Houston State University
in Huntsville, Texas has a Nontraditional Student Group called the NTSO. They have a great website featuring photos,
events, a Facebook Group, and links to local resources. They are an active group this yeaer.

Missouri - Missouri Western University in Sts. Joseph, Missouri has a Non-traditional student group that is active and meets monthly. It is called the NTSA Club. The web page features photos of members at the left side that moves around like a slide show.

The University has a lounge area for the group on campus complete with computers and printers, a refrigerator and microwave nearby, and a sofa and chairs. The students have five officers plus an advisor.
The Moon and the Willow Tree
The University also has a great information page for Nontraditional students on the site.

Wyoming - The University of Wyoming at Laramie has a page for its Non-Traditional Student Council. This description is from their website:

NTSC is a volunteer student organization that works to insure non-traditional students achieve success at the University of Wyoming.

The group meets weekly, and also helps each other during finals. They also have formed interest groups for veterans, a dinner group, people who like theater, and more. What a great idea!

Do you know of a great help page for nontraditional students?

Are you starting or in a nontraditional student group you'd like to get on this blog or on the Non-traditional Student web page? Just contact me. Thanks!

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