Here are some more Non-trad groups

Here are some more non-traditional student groups.

I like looking at them because they pages show me, in their pictures and postings, just how great a non-trad group can be.

Plus, looking at these groups and putting them in a file on my desktop is one step closer to putting them on the Non-traditional student site, which I hope to do this Fall.

This group at McLennan Community College in Waco, Texas might have the type going into itself on its site page, but what’s more important is how active this group is. They have lots of interesting activities listed - - including financial aid seminars - - and even a scholarship for their group.

See this page at:

The University of Wisconsin – Sheboygan has a Non-Traditional Student group page here:
I especially like the fact that the University offers “monetary help for child care” and has a group called “Zoomers” for their adult students. They answer many questions on their friendly web pages.

I also like this site at CWU (Central Washington University)

Their non-traditional student organization is called “PROWL.” The page features a photo gallery, community information, an events calendar, links, and more. The website feels very friendly, warm, and welcoming. I really like the photos, too.

The only problem is, I wonder if this group is still active. The date on the page for the “next meeting” is from 2005. Maybe they just haven’t updated the page for awhile.

Michigan State University has a group called O.W.L.S.

“# O.W.L.S. (Older and/or Wiser Law Students)
We are here to support and serve students who consider themselves “non-traditional”-students older than 24, married students, part-time students, etc.”

Missouri Western has a Non-Traditional Student Association page here: