Bucknall's Refuge


This is a great website - and perfect for non-traditional students to check out - that I rechecked tonight.

He has some books for sale, but FREE books and articles to download on his site, too, among which are the classic

"How to Succeed as a Student"
(#1 on the list) and

"Mature Students - University Certainly is for You" (#13).

Bucknall calls himself an "ancient academic" which I find very funny.

He is mostly interested in economics, it seems. He has put a little bookworm that crawls in and out of his webpage and tips its hat, which makes going to his site even more worthwhile.

Complete with photos, Bucknall's Refuge is a fun website that I highly recommend. I have read the "How to Succeed" ebook already.

If you didn't already click on the link above, here is the link to Bucknall's Refuge website again so you can check it out for yourself.

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