Waiting to decide...

Today I saw a job in my old field in the Daily News. It looks tempting. It's the same one I have seen at least ten times, so the people doing it must move on or leave. I don't know. It uses a different program than I'm used to using, but that's par for the course.

There is always the choice of taking more courses and learning another skill. That is also tempting, but the idea of paying off school debt has a LOT of charm. Well... who knows what will happen?

Here is something interesting:

I wonder what it is! It's some Corel artwork from their Draw program. They do have some interesting art there.

The dogs next door have been barking all day. One of these days I'm going over there to talk to their owners. Probably not soon, though. I always imagine somebody will jump out of a bush on my way there.