My home welcomes me!

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Coming home...

It takes a lot of support from loved ones in order to go back to school or start a new enterprise. Thank goodness for my family. They were always so supportive of me, no matter what.

A question to ask all non-traditional students - do you think that non-traditional students (mostly older students) face more hardships when they get a job after being back at school? I think there are some that do.

Why is this so? I don't know. People may expect more of older people. Perhaps some people feel that older people are "different," and don't think the same way as younger people do. Also, I wonder if older people are expected to perform at a higher level than younger people - with the same amount of experience? I don't know. Many reasons could factor in.

I do know that in about ten years from now there will be many more students and workers that are older, so current attitudes will have to change a lot - from necessity. There simply will not be enough younger workers to fill all the needed job spots in the future.

And I think it's very true that older people have a lot to offer - certainly a great work ethic and responsibility can be assets - as well as a wealth of experience in other fields.

One thing is for sure - non-traditional students are a growing portion of the population. And many are going back to school - record numbers of them. I think that going back to school is something that everyone should do at least once - if not to get more job skills, to explore things that people love - hobbies - new things!

Tonight I am thinking about my support system. I am lucky to have such a great one. I realize that not everyone does have a support system at all, and I am grateful for mine.