Juggling work, school, and responsibilities

Somebody said something very true on the WKU Non-Traditional Students group the other day.

They said that sometimes a person has to let their family help him or her. A person can't possibly be going to school and still have time to do everything he or she used to do before going back to school. They just can't. The family has to step up and help. So it's important that your family is supportive of you in this huge step.

Going back to school changes things. You will be busy with homework a LOT, and simply not available to do things you did before in the same way. Something has to give --- you won't be such a perfectionist at cleaning, for instance, UNLESS somebody in your family gives you a hand, if you usually do that job. This goes for lots of jobs in a family. You may have always been there to help with certain things, but the time element just won't let you anymore.

Talk to your children and spouse, the writer suggested, and get them to take over things you used to handle. They need to do this so that YOU can concentrate on school. It's the only way. Otherwise, if you try to keep up with everything in the same way you did before school came along, you are facing an impossible task. Nobody wants to face that.

It was good advice.